Hi! I'm April Wolfe (she/her)

I’m a passionate creative being: I’m a poet, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, photographer, and visual artist. I’m queer and neurodivergent, and these identities are woven through all my work. I’m a curious and optimistic explorer who likes to wander and follow the flow of life. I live by my values of integrity and authenticity, and attempt to integrate intuition and spirituality into my art. 
digital & polaroid portraits by Hannah of @littlekingdoms
I’m interested in participating in and creating safe spaces for genuine expression and connection.  I enjoy creating multidimensional & multimedia experiences, and I’m currently experimenting with virtual livestream & in-person collaborative events.  I believe the relationship between artist and audience is crucial and reciprocal, and together we can access emotion, beauty, and creativity on a deeper level than we could alone.
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