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I'm April Wolfe (she/her)


  • born in England and came to Canada as a young one.
  • enthusiastic about music, art, & writing since forever.
  • took music, vocal, and dance since I can remember.
  • studied various visual arts throughout school.
  • studied English Literature & Philosophy at university in Montreal.
  • settled in Vancouver in 2015.
  • involved in multiple auditioned and non-auditioned choirs for many years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic 

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    • a multi-instrumentalist, solo singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist.
    • occasionally dabbles in photography & other written formats.
    • wants to send you handwritten letters. 
    • experimenting with participating in & creating safe spaces for online performance // sharing.
    • experimenting with how to combine different art forms for a multidimensional // multimedia experience.