1. How long will it take to receive my order? 

From the time of ordering, fulfillment takes 2-5 business days. After fulfillment, the order is subject to the shipping estimates provided on the checkout page. Please note these are estimates, and delays are possible at times. If your order is late or you believe there is an issue, please get in touch HERE. 

2. How should I hang or frame the collage I purchased? 

Paper-mounted collages - frame in acid free materials and glass, use the accompanying cardboard to support the piece and keep it flat while framing

Canvas board collages - hanging with non damaging adhesives (aka velcro command strips) is possible by applying them directly to the back of the canvas, however framing is preferred to protect the piece -- note that you will need the frame to allow for approx 1/4" thickness of canvas board (most common frames allow this -- shadow box frames allow more flexibility).

3. How do I properly care for the collage? 

Avoid excessive touching or handling of the front of the piece. Avoid placing the work in direct sunlight to avoid discolouring over the longterm.

Try not placing it in a high volume dust zone, especially if it's not framed -- temperature can change how tacky the sealant is and there is a possibility of it attracting dust in warmer environments. 

Please get in touch for any issues -- happy to troubleshoot over the long term or offer any ongoing support or troubleshooting for your purchase. 

4. Will I be charged for shipping? 

Shipping is free within Canada. There is a flat rate for shipping to the USA ($5) or internationally ($8).

 5. Is it possible to return a handmade collage? 

All collage sales are final. If there is an issue with the piece you received, please contact me for help.